Project Team

Gvantsa Salukvadze

Gvantsa Salukvadze is a social scientist affiliated with the departments of Geography at Tbilisi State University and the University of Zurich, studying socio-economic transitions in mountain regions as a result of global change. She is curious about the role that tourism progress plays in transforming places and traditional livelihoods. Gvantsa applies inter and transdisciplinary methods to investigate these complex phenomena by leaving no stakeholder behind. Her experience includes international credentials gained in leading international universities and academic institutions. She has been part of several impactful scientific research projects funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, Austrian Development Cooperation, etc., to promote mountain development in the Georgian Caucasus. So far, Gvantsa has earned several academic accomplishments and awards, including Forbes 30 Under 30 Georgia as a successful young scientist.

Ekaterine Mikadze

Ekaterine Mikadze is an environmental policy specialist, currently working as EU4climate project manager at UNDP Georgia. She has a working experience for the government and civil society organizations in Georgia, including the Climate Change and European Integration departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture. Ekaterine obtained her MSc degree in Environmental Technology from the Imperial College London (2020) and MSc degree in Environmental governance from Albert Ludwig University, Germany (2015). Her research and professional interests include climate change and circular economy.

Temur Gugushvili

Currently, Temur Gugushvili is working at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Representation in Georgia as Researcher. At the same time, He is a PhD Candidate at Tbilisi State University, Department of Sociology. His academic career already includes several impactful research projects focusing on rural and mountain development. Temur is researching international, public and academic sectors. He believe that the researcher’s primary role is to explore the hitherto hidden and spread it in an understandable way to the relevant stakeholders. For this reason, Temur synthesise in practice social science theories, methods and information handling tools, such as R/Rstudio, QGIS, SPSS, Excel, Access, MAXQDA, Mendeley, etc.

Natia Kekenadze

Natia Kekenadze is a Ph.D. Student (Urban Studies) and independent researcher with over four years of experience in social research. Her academic career already includes important research projects focused on urban development, suburbs, urban movements, women’s engagement in political decision-making, participatory planning practices and local governments. She worked with various groups of academic and civic society organizations from Georgia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the USA.

Andro Kortua

Andro Kortua is Urban and City Planner in City Institute Georgia, currently working on Batumi General Plan, while studying Masters of Architecture and Planning in Georgian Technical University. His working experience mainly includes urban and spatial planning in Georgia, regarding social, mobility, heritage and environmental issues. Within these projects, Andro is strongly involved in communications with public, academic and private sectors. He is curious about how vulnerable countries and cities adapt to modern needs in times of critical transitions, thus his professional interests also include sustainability in urban planning and architecture and social behavioral patterns.



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